Green Man Trail Home Page

Ripon's Spa Gardens contains a unique collection of Green Man plaques hidden amongst the trees for you and your children to discover. Green Man face plaques have been placed all around the gardens. There are also some Green Woman Faces. Some of the plaques are large, some plaques are small and some of them are quite hard to find! Some are fastened to trees, some are suspended from tree branches and there are even one or two fastened on walls. You can see them all from the path or grass, so you don't need to go in the flower beds. Some faces are not green. How many can you discover? It will help you in your search to know that the Green Men are not everywhere in the gardens. There are none by the road, near the gates or along the footpath past the painted Green Man door and there are none along the low footpath by the houses. That should save you a bit of legwork!

How many Green Men can you find? Follow the trail and find out.

Download the Green Man Trail Leaflet here and tick off all the ones you can spot.

Oval Man

Bronze Green Man

The Green Man Door

Square Green Man

Has this Green Man got name?

Thin Ivy Leaf